Cafe Po'oak Design-build

The bakery café architecture, which faces the mountain and the first floor is built in an open type of piloti structure, has various close relationships with the external space. The front yard, where the mass of the first-floor building and the flow of voids emptied between the walls, naturally continues, becomes a space like an outdoor living room where giant Pin Oak trees shade over the surface of decomposed granite for movable chairs. A green lawn, a garden with colorful flowers, a rock garden, a sculptural tree garden, and an ornamental grass field are connected by a single path to create a space for cafe users to take a short journey and stay. The semi-shaded courtyard opened from the ground to the rooftop is composed of birch trees, moss, and rocks to create a sense of harmony and contrast with the exterior of the building, and to become the central photo spot of each floor.

Design Name

Cafe Po'oak Design-build

Design Team

Bowon Shim, YoungJoon Choi, Byeonggil Choi, Zaiyan Zhao


Pochon, Korea


1,243 m2