It is an interactive water corridor, flows
through Luxelakes Eco-city community.

Meadow Field at Walk-in-Green Myeongdong
is ready to open to people in Seoul.

Connecting Nodes at Pedestrian Network
along Han-river Waterfront take shapes.

Huaxiba is a cultural beacon combining
Chinese and Western elements, illuminating
the way forward to modern civilization.

Bring the “Haikou” back to the city,
to build an oasis belongs to the country.

The Zhengzhou No.2 Sand Factory has undergone changes in the times and is committed to building a comprehensive cultural and creative park.

The ancient city of Nantou, original
county center, was built in Eastern Jin Dynasty
with a history of nearly 1,700 years.

Oak Station sets in place in the middle of
Air-circulate urban forest in Incheon.

Qibao MixC Park frames nature within high
density corporate campus in Shanghai.

Cafe Po-oak invites people into theatrical Garden settings.