Huaxiba is a cultural beacon combining
Chinese and Western elements, illuminating
the way forward to modern civilization.

Oak Station sets in place in the middle of
Air-circulate urban forest in Incheon.

The ancient city of Nantou, original
county center, was built in Eastern Jin Dynasty
with a history of nearly 1,700 years.

It is an interactive water corridor, flows
through Luxelakes Eco-city community.

Qibao MixC Park frames nature within high
density corporate campus in Shanghai.

Cafe Po-oak invites people into theatrical Garden settings.

Bring the “Haikou” back to the city,
to build an oasis belongs to the country.

Connecting Nodes at Pedestrian Network
along Han-river Waterfront take shapes.

Meadow Field at Walk-in-Green Myeongdong
is ready to open to people in Seoul.

The Zhengzhou No.2 Sand Factory has undergone changes in the times and is committed to building a comprehensive cultural and creative park.