TIMEWALK Myeongdong Shared Garden

The first, fourth, and seventh floors of landscape gardens were given to the hotel tower’s major renovation project to revive the reputation and vitality of Myeong-dong, which was the landmark place for shopping and tourism. Bringing Myeong-dong’s unique experiential identity of “An urban area to enjoy while walking” into play in various ways to the landscape space on each floor, we propose a “walk in green” walking through green nature in the city center. Walking through the shared gardens on each floor, open to all visitors, you can discover the beauty of vegetation that changes by season and the atmosphere of relaxation in a rest area with various settings. The 7th floor is the concept of Walk through Meadow, where you can enjoy the experience of nature and the skyline of Seoul at the same time by traversing along the meandering deck path through a wide planting area with meadows of wildflowers and grass. The fourth floor of the Walk into Terrace concept is surrounded by green in the middle of a building forest, providing a space of walking and contemplating, and is a space of staying and slowness utilizing the identity of the middle floor connecting the upper and lower garden floors. The first floor of the Walk along Street concept, where the East-West street passes through Myeong-dong Street and meets the garden, will become a vibrant space that creates vitality of the place and communicates with the city along with F&B stores and various events.

Design Name

TIMEWALK Myeongdong Shared Garden

Lead Landscape Designers

YoungJoon Choi

Design Team

YoungJoon Choi, Byeonggil Choi, Zaiyan Zhao, Sangeun Cho, Dajeong Kim


Seoul, Korea


2,802 m2