Black Jade Island

Black Jade Island is a peninsula in the horse shape. Restoring the ecological environment in the stage of sub-urbanization is the main challenge. The master plan is to envision the development of the neighborhoods, which are defined by its topography and hydrology in Luxelakes Eco-city, a new satellite town of Chengdu. Shaping the land aims to contextualize its material design and embed human aesthetic experience within the scene.

The landscape strategy allows multi-angle views to enjoy the beauty of the lake. The harmony of manmade facilities and nature represents the essence of the project. It manifests in the regional landscape characteristics into three aspects: the smooth driveway, the vertical movement of stratification, and the interaction between the water and the land.

Design Name

Black Jade Island

Lead Landscape Designers

Zhongwei LI, Nan Lin


Chengdu, China


1 hectare