Yongqing Fang Alleyways

Yongqing Fang, a renovation project as a reaction to the rapid urban transformation of modern-day life, sits right in the heart of Guangzhou old town. Our design strategy emphasizes on renewing the buildings and activating the existing resources in the area to avoid relocating or expelling.

This inner-city renewal project improves the quality of life for all residents but also keeps their place-attachment by preserving the historic neighborhood fabric. The success of Yongqing Fang also provides a new benchmark for a micro-renovation approach – a series of case-specific measures -- towards inner-city rejuvenation.

Design Name

Yongqing Fang Alleyways

Lead Landscape Designers

Zhongwei Li, Nan Lin

Design Team

Miao Lin, Younjoon Choi, Zongjie Liang, Huicheng Zhong, Yijia Zhu, HaoLan, Jiaqian Zhang, Yufei Fan


Guangzhou Vanke

Guangzhou Vanke Team

Guoyan Cheng, Tingting Li, Jiajian Chen


Atelier Cns, Nodeoffice


Archexist Zhewei Su, Zuo Wang, Siming Wu


Guangzhou, China


0.5 hectare