Restroom in the Mountains

China’s Kunyu Mountain National Park is promoting a series of facility upgrades within its 50 km2 national natural preserve, and the management committee invited Lab D+H to design a pilot public toilet which would serve as the new model of public facility in the KM National Park. At the very beginning, client had not decided where the toilet would be located. Therefore, instead of proposing a restroom design, we put forward a modular system which can be adapted based on different topographic conditions. This site-specific strategy was greatly appreciated by the client and together, we chose a site: a terrace within the current alpine botanical garden at the edge of the forest.

Design Name

Restroom in the Mountains

Lead Landscape Designers

Huicheng Zhong

Design Team

YoungJoon Choi, Zongjie Liang, Jin Huang, Hao Lan, Feimin Song, Zongjie Liang, Bingru Xiao


Yantai, Shandong


0.2 ha