Prince Bay Group 2

Prince Bay project covers an area of about 690,000 square meters, with the program of commerce, entertainment, leisure, office, high-end residential. It is a coastal city center with cruise center, residential life, business and commerce, cultural and creative art. Among them, prince Bay Group 2 is mainly composed of high-end residential buildings mixed with commercial and office.

The project takes the mountain and sea world as the design concept and integrates ecological, sharing, art, culture, and other elements to create dynamic commercial space, vibrant city streets, grave office square, elegant residential courtyard, and comfortable garden. The renewed place will become a coastal complex with a sense of nature.

Design Name

Prince Bay Group 2

Design Team

Zhongwei Li, Nan Lin, Jiaqian Zhang, Xiaowen Pan, Jiajun Wang, Qiran Zhang, Chao Qin, Huan Liu, Jun Ma


Shenzhen, China


6.7 hectare