Suzhou Vanke Park Avenue

The project consists of six plots of sites and an east-west central axis avenue. Nearly 30 hectares of land will be used as residential buildings for overall urbanization development. This is both an opportunity and a challenge for businesses and local governments. Challenge is not from the digestion rate of products, but from the large-scale construction fast, maybe on a city’s space vitality and humanity shaping a large negative impact. Vanke park avenue, both the local government and Vanke are eager to make some new attempts and comply with planning permission, construction regulations, and local regulations. Lab D + H landscape planning designer, integrated into the overall development team in advance, and to project the outer space characteristics, behavior patterns, arts, and humanities into providing a series of planning standards, and into the landscape spirit and emotion. This new way of working has brought a breakthrough to the project and brought opportunities and warmth to the city.

Design Name

Suzhou Vanke Park Avenue

Design Team

Miao Lin, Zongjie Liang, Rong Cao, Xianwei Chen, Zhishu Wang, Bingru Xiao


Sunan Vanke


Suzhou, China


180,000 square meters