Suhewan Park

Suhewan Park is located by the Suzhou River in the center of Shanghai city. It was the area inhabited the businessmen, merchants, and celebrities. There are conflicts between the new and the old in this district, such as the renovation of Shikumen Alleyways and Thean Hou Palace stage, the newly built landmarks, and super high-rise towers.

After sorting out the complex elements and input conditions of the site, the design connected the old and new nodes with a strong dynamic line. The project became a new destination to Suhewan district with attractions of three dimensions from the air, ground, and underground.

Design Name

Suhewan Park

Design Team

Zhongwei Li, Nan Lin, Xiaowen Pan, Shuangshuang Gu, Jingyu Wu, Nan Zhu, Jiaqian Zhang, Xiujuan Li, Shiqi Huang, Yaxian Hu, Qiran Zhang, Yanyan Shi, Shibo Yao


Shanghai, China


5.7 hectare