Naepo-haemi World Youth Catholic Cultural Center in Seosan

Lab D+H won the design competition for Naepo-haemi World Youth Catholic Cultural Center in Seosan, in a collaboration with SoA Architects. This site will commemorate Pope Francis's visit in 2014 and facilitate religious stays and cultural experiences for young generation. The area around Haemi old-walled-town is one of the biggest catholic Martyrs' site in Korea. The project includes memorial museum of Pope's visit on south side, an international domitory for youth visitors on north corner of the site, and set of open space programs all over the site. The large void lawn that is open from west to east direction celebrates the various meaning of emptiness - Catholic sacrifice, orientation to the castle wall, former school frontyard and so on. Both educational and recreational programs are proposed from entry point to the highest point of the site in order to provide a complete loop of journey for the visitors. The grass hill is featured landscape component which connects two main buildings solely with a stone path and a field of ornamental grasses.

Design Name

Naepo-haemi World Youth Catholic Cultural Center in Seosan

Lead Landscape Designers

YoungJoon Choi

Design Team

Byeonggil Choi, Aili Zhao, Daeun Hong


Seosan, Korea


0.37ha (3,719 m²)