Changcheon Culture Park, 'The Blue Whale'

This project is intended for both a refurbishment of Changcheon Cultural Park and an establishment of Youth Cultural Center which will become a youth activity space and a multipurpose cultural space to create a central space for the Sinchon Urban Regeneration Project in Shinchon University District. Named 'Shinchon Forum', the circular amphitheater stage is created for busking and performances, The northern park edge facing the commercial space has a space called, 'the outdoor lounge area', created for extending the daily life and food culture of young people. It is a cultural venue that accommodates various performances and exhibitions planned at the Youth Cultural Center named 'Shinchon Blue Whale' and events at nearby department stores, and is becoming a new landmark of the local university district.

Design Name

Changcheon Culture Park, 'The Blue Whale'

Lead Landscape Designers

YoungJoon Choi

Design Team

Hao Tai


Seoul, Korea


0.25ha (2534m²)