Shanghai MixC Mall & Park

Shanghai MixC Mall is 580m-long giant sized mall located along Wuzhong Rd in Shanghai. The site includes more than 80% public green areas where the surface is required to be covered by greenery and to provide with public amenities. Our point of departure was the belief that by considering the public open space and private development goals as an integrated whole, we could draw upon the accessibility to the site from metro stations and the vitality from another huge mall across the street as a place of recreation and of commerce to create a place that would be both a lively, vibrant part of the city, and a beautiful and inviting new part of the district. In front of three main entrances of the mall, we proposed open and flexible plazas for various commercial events, while 40m width public green areas between plazas are creating an urban park ambiance. Along the Ginkgo Avenue, the promenade with 2 rows of ginkgo tree, series of moment of special experiences are placed – music fountain, petal canopy, event lawn, sunken fountain, led screen, tree plaza.

Design Name

Shanghai MixC Mall & Park

Lead Landscape Designers

YoungJoon Choi

Design Team

Hao Tai, Hao Lan


Shanghai, China


4.5 ha