Yantai Mountain Lequn Road Urban Revival

The revival of the Yantai Mountain Neighborhood is an adapted urban renewal project via a restrained landscape design method. To respect the local characters, the design concept was initiated with a comprehensive review of available historical records of the site. A design priority was to ensure that the redevelopment project and the surrounding environment were in harmony. Using traditional construction methods, existing historical buildings were restored. Care was taken during construction to preserve native plants. By drawing on classical elements and existing motifs, the design fused classical and modern elements with a minimum of intervention. By creating a streetscape framework intertwined with historical components, the rehabilitation masterplan respects the cultural context of Yantai Mountain. Respect for the existing landscape materials created an attractive and sustainable environment for local residents.

Design Name

Yantai Mountain Lequn Road Urban Revival

Design Team

Zhongwei Li, Nan lin, Jiaqian Zhang, Jian zhou, Xuhui Xu, Xiujuan Li, Haokun Gong


Fuzhou, China


2.7 hectare