Hefei Vanke Mall

The project is located in the central area of ​​Hefei which serving Vanke Forest Park. Before the development of the complex plot, there was a large number of developed residential plots and residents. And our site is at the boundary between the community and the city. How to create a friendly space for the community with the integration of the natural environment and urban life has become our design point. We created greenery for the retreat. The greenery allows the combination of human activities and the natural environment which offers an open space for communities.

Design Name

Hefei Vanke Mall

Design Team

Miao Lin, Jianye Ling, Zongjie Liang, Rong Cao, Shunwen Lin, Xianwei Chen, Chanrong Ling, Qiuwei Ding, Yacheng Ren, Yongkai Shen


Hefei Vanke


Anhui, China


41,800 square meters