Haikou 6th

Fenglingu is an urban high-standard station park completed in cooperation with Fujimoto Construction. It is an important landscape node of the Haikou Bay unblocked project. It is planned to cover an area of ​​about 7 hectares. How to coordinate the organization of complex circulation lines such as pedestrians, bicycles, and bicycles while fully dialogue with landmarks, so as to integrate landscape and architecture into a unique urban landmark has become the research topic of this project. The “wind” on the seaside turns into a landscape flow that effectively connects the city and buildings; the dense “forest” covers the park and provides enough shade; the sinking “valley” gathers activities.

Design Name

Haikou 6th

Design Team

Zhongwei Li, Nan Linl, Jingyu Wu, Chun Wei


Hainan Culture Tourism Industrial Group Co., Ltd


Haikou, China


4.8 hectare