Nandu River and Bing River in Haikou

Haikou Jiangdong New City was established as a key Pilot Free Trade Zone in China in 2018. The site, Nandujiang river bears the important mission of natural landscape and modern urban integration in Haikou. As the gateway and landmark of Jiangdong New Town, the east bank of Nandujiang River will introduce cultural activities and natural ecology into the core area. This unique natural landmark is expected to be the pioneer of the bustling urban landscape. The landscape design seems to be raised above the long scroll. The park will complement a complete and coherent natural painting which unfolds slowly on the east bank of The Nandu River.

Design Name

Nandu River and Bing River in Haikou

Design Team

Zhongwei Li, Nan Lin, Wenzhe Jiang, Xiujuan Li, Yaxian Hu, Jiaqian Zhang, Nan Zhu, Jian Zhou


Haikou Government


Haikou, China


82 hectare