Haikou West Coast Central Park

The second phase of Wanluyuan Park (Xixiu Central Park) is located in the middle of the south district of the West Coast of Haikou city. It is an important ecological landscape node for the development of the new town of Haikou City. Covering a total area of about 80 hectares, it is likely to become a central park that will shape the city in terms of location, traffic, natural conditions, and scale.

To create this unique natural landmark, the design concept came from the spirit of the Haikou city's origin, which is the coexistence of Haikou's residence and nature. To regain is a unique urban spirit, the concept "Haikou" was created as an urban ecological oasis.

Design Name

Haikou West Coast Central Park

Competition Phase Designers

Zhongwei Li, Nan Lin, Jiajun Wang (Competition Phase Project Manager),Jingyu Wu, Yaxian Hu, Xiaowen Pan, Jiaqian Zhang, Xiujuan Li, Kaxin Zhang,Wenyi Chen,Zhou Wang, Siying Xu

Schematic Phase Designers

Zhongwei Li, Nan Lin, Jinyu Wu(Schematic Phase Project Manager) Jian Zhou(Construction Drawing Manager) Jiajun Wang, Jun Ma, Chun Wei , Yifan Feng, Yani Liu


Haikou Government, Wide Horizon(Chengdu)


Haikou, China


80 hectare