Beijing Joy City

The project is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing, with Fushi Road on the south side as the main urban road, and on the west side it is planned to build the largest transportation hub station of Beijing's S1 line. The site has certain traffic convenience, but it also has serious shortcomings. For example, commercial buildings are far away from the main urban roads, making it difficult for citizens to enter the commercial space spontaneously; the building is huge and surrounded by fire fighting surfaces and vehicle roads; the north side of the site. The railway completely separates the backyard park...

The landscape takes the trajectory of joy as its design inspiration and strategy, connecting the whole scene through a series of flowing languages. The endless stream of art guides people into the core of the site, creating a unique place culture to attract people to come here; the urban trajectory surrounding the building shows the sense of commercial place, enhances the atmosphere and temperament of the commercial space under limited conditions, and shapes the aggregate popularity The commercial entrance plaza; the rhythmic Lohas trajectory revitalizes the commercial backyard area, activating the landscape space separated by commercial buildings and existing railways; the colorful cloud trajectory activates the garden living room throughout the year, and uses giant scaffolds and light wells to create unique Roof garden. We believe that under the strategy of Yuedong trajectory, the venue will surely become a romantic check-in place in West Beijing.

Design Name

Beijing Joy City

Design Team

Zhongwei Li, Wenzhe Jiang, Xiujuan Li, Zhang Jiaqian, Qin Chao, Liu Huan




Beijing, China


6.38 hectare