Ningbo Vanke Future Light

Future Light is a large-scale residential project for Ningbo, China. At the outset of the project, the landscape team has been involved in architectural planning design. We proposed the idea of an L-shaped greenway which transforming the city view to a natural view. The design respects urban context and natural environment and provides generous community space and plazas with the integrated landscape. A series of landscape spaces are consciously designed to optimize the greenway: the large entrance plaza, the corner space of the city, a pocket park of the urban space, the community square, the cultural landmark on the community axis, ecological leisure space of the residential area, etc.

Design Name

Ningbo Vanke Future Light

Design Team

Miao Lin, Rong Cao, Shunwen Lin, Zongjie Liang, Xuefeng Yu


Ningbo Vanke


Zhejiang, China


87,000 square meters