China Railway Construction Corporation Southern Headquarter

Located in Nanshan free trade zone, China Railway Construction Headquarters will become the flagship of whole corporation. The site has commercial podium, office towers, hotels towers, mixed use towers and residential towers. The entire block was separated into pieces by the fire lane, evacuation area and so on. In order to bridge those pieces, we use “Hub City” as our landscape strategy. “Hub City” is not only a word of the china railway’s pride, railway, it is also an effective landscape strategy.
Through the “hub”, spaces are re-organized into five diverse systems. Quiet and peaceful office hub, flexible lively interactive hub, interconnected the commercial hub, urban hub and leisure hub. Each system has a similar design language, but are diverse in scale and space. As we always believed, the design responds to the spatial dimensions of Vanke’s modular prefabricated concrete system. In the plan, the linear paving language is all through the site. But in the 3d detail, people can feel different places by interacting with exciting structures jumps out from the linear pavement.


China Railway Construction Corporation Ltd


Guangzhou, China


15 ha

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