Vanke Cloud City Phase 2 Lot B

Following Vanke Cloud City Phase 2 Lot C MiCool project, Lab D + H is proud to participate in the adjacent lot B project. Lot B, next to MiCool project with consistent user groups: communities of young people, is the same type of project using limited cost to create quality communities and living space.
Site topography changed slightly in lot B: there is a 3 meters level difference from north to south, and 2.5 meters level difference from the coping of adjacent creek on west to B1 interior finishing level. Our design concept is “The Evolution of Pixels” as lot C square grid extends to lot B and evolves to a parallelogram main grid and splits into equilateral triangle module in smaller spaces. Two east-west corridors lead toward the west bank of the creek’s unique two-story platform, B1 level bar street and the creek trail. Precast concrete paving blocks (PC) are still used in this porject.
We hope to continue the design language from lot C to lot B, to strengthen the sense of belonging and community of the site.
Project stage: detailed design completed, construction drawing in progress.


Guangzhou Vanke


Guangzhou, China


3.2 ha

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