Yincheng Kinma Q+ Youth Community

Lab D+H was commissioned to design the Kinma Youth Commune, Nanjing. This was to be the first international youth community in Nanjing and was to be operated by Yincheng Real Estate and the giant internet mogul–Tecent. The 1.7-hectare Artificial Intelligence (AI) oriented complex brought apartments, hotels, retails, startup incubators and public spaces together, all within one campus.
“Circle” was used as the central landscape strategy for this mixed-use complex. It involved creating a circle of youth that brought young people together with a spatial language of “circle”. The commune included various themed “circles”– Athletic Circle, Reading Circle, Share Circle, Interactive Circle, Open Circle and Party Circle– which were linked by a multi-functional path that runs through the whole commune. Many interactive programs that usually took place indoors were brought out to open spaces, greatly exceeding lifestyle expectations of the young residents. Here, the young generation discovered different “circles” based on their personal interest and also began exploring new lifestyle avenues.

Design Team

Huicheng Zhong, Feimin Song, Hao Lan, YoungJoon Choi, Di Wang, Bingxing Lin, Guowu Lv


Yincheng Real Estate


Nanjing, China


17000 m² (display area 3000 m²)

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