Sky, Plateau, Creek, Rock Playground

Design of Nature playground started with analyzing nature of this neighborhood. Since Changshin area (昌信) located very steep sloped area where stone quarry existed 30 years ago, general topography is hilly, therefore flat land is hard to find. High density residences allow only narrow streets without a place to run and gather for children.
Our proposal creates natural setting that this area is missing so that the natural setting of the playground would provide with new nature experiences to people in this neighborhood.
“The Plateau” is a open turf field where everyday playing activities and communty events would happen. “Skywalk” is evoking an experience of walking along the cliff or summit while it provides with panoramic view towards downhill side. Structural columns and railings of Skywalk are integrated and varies with multiple metal-bar play feature at plateau level. Furthermore, skywalk connects existing specimen Sycamore and the hilltop side of the land which will be developed into new open space as well. As a counterpart of the specimen tree, up-side down tree installation is proposed at the other end of the skywalk. “The Stream” is stretching from the upper level to lower level, morphing from fountain to dry bioswales along the stream. It not only treats stormwater run-off of the site but also provides with wet ecology to the park. Below Plateau level, set of indoor/outdoor classrooms are proposed for multi-age education and digital library uses.




Seoul, South Korea


0.2 HA


Studio BA; Ha Jin

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