Sandou Wetland Park

Huangyang River Wetland Park, located in the center of Doumen District, Zhuhai, has a 4.2 kilometers long coastline and an area of about 40 ha. With Zhuhai developed into the “sponge cities” era, Doumen will become the natural core of Zhuhai with its ecological network system, and Huangyang River Wetland Park is a significant part of “one river two banks and five groups” landscape belt. Sandou Wetland Park inspired by “Dou.” Dou is not only the cultural totem of “Doumen”, it is also a functioning practices. Three wetlands containers of different functions form the urban green lung, and organically merge the city life, nature experience and eco-purification. It not only has a modern urban wetland sustainability, but also has charming elegant classical gardens. It not only has the popular city park, also has a country park birdsong cicada. “Human-oriented, nature-imitated” is indicated in a perfect unity in the Sandou Wetland Park.


Civic Engineering & Landscape Department, Doumen District, Zhuhai, China


Zhuhai, China


40 ha


Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute


International Competition 1st Place

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