Ningbo Vanke Future Light Neighborhood

As one of Vanke’s products, Ningbo Vanke future light is a typical large-scale residential project.Lab D+H has been involved at the very beginning of the project. As landscape design team, we work well with architecture team and planning team by a lot meaningful communication and interaction. We strongly agree with the idea of transforming the urban image into a natural landscape with the L-shaped “green corridor”. This concept transforms the urban development into a community shared green space, where the urban and natural system talk to each other in harmony. Beside, to the residents, the shared space is a great place for group communication and other outdoor events.

Design Name

Ningbo Vanke Future Light Neighborhood

Design Team

Lin Miao, Cao Rong, Lin Shunwen, Liang zongjie, Yu Xuefeng


Ningbo, Zhejiang, China


2 HA for Display Area, 6.7 HA for the whole area

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