MUTIPLY: A New Street Design Strategy for Big Block in Salt Lake City

Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, block sixty-nine and seventy are bounded by three major urban arteries, which connect City Creek Park in the north to city center in the south. This site has great potential to attract people due to the variety of buildings and public spaces nearby. Despite its various spaces, one of the major concerns is the problem of super big block, super wide traffic system, and single function blocks in the city. Thus, our idea is to break down the super-sized scale and increase the diversity on site. The streets, pedestrians, and alleyways in our design are able to accommodate different activities, what’s more, to become the extension to the neighborhood.

The idea of diversity can be achieved by the MULTIPLY strategy. Based on people’s moving speed, we divide the site into three tracks as slow track, medium track, and fast track. While the medium track is designed for slow speed walkers, the fast track is for bicyclists and runners. Meanwhile, the slow track is the rest landscape area weaving the other two together.

Furthermore, we assign three prototypes: Leisure, Art, and Activity, to each track. As a result, three tracks multiplies three prototypes allow nine types of nodes with unique identities on the whole site. With this simple but creative strategy, we are able to provide diverse streets-capes full of interaction among users and possibilities in future development.


Salt Lake City Government


Salt Lake City, Utah, United States


9 ha

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