MoMA PS2 New York Long Island New Town Bethpage Revitalization Finalist

The challenge of the design is how to use urban design strategy to revitalize New York Long Island which is 190 kilometers long, 20-30 kilometers wide. There are quite a lot of similar cities like Bethpage along the Long Island railroad. The railroad hub split the downtown of the city into pieces. Huge factory buildings grow along the railroad, slowing down the city development. Our strategy is to solve the tricky problem- revitalize the downtown area which has been isolated by New York transportation lines. After we studied the history of New York, we found the artists of New York are always the motivation power for city’s industry upgrading. From East village to SOHO, from SOHO to Brooklyn, they keep moving following cheap rents. Wherever they went, the community would develop and upgrade, becoming the new metropolitan cultural center. Meanwhile the real estate price of Brooklyn is no longer low enough for the artists to live with, they need a new home. Our design quotes the approach that by creating MoMA PS1 in Brooklyn to fully utilize the NY Long Island railroad system and connect the artists’ studios which renovated from abandoned factories. After that, the new city fabric will form from the factories. In the future, the massive land of Long Island would become the new home of artists and MoMA PS n would provide fresh power for New York’s development.


New York Long Island Government, MAKE A BETTER BURB Organization


Long Island city of Bethpage, New York


160 ha


Zhuojian Peng, Yang Wang


Honorable mention, published in New York Times

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