Light Curtain: Southern Solar Park International Landscape Competition, Italy

Minimal intervention and simple design are the guiding principles in our search for the largest impact with the least footprint. By installing the Light Curtain, our proposed solar units, a joyful change is bound to enrich the landscape in Southern Solar Park around the clock: during the day, a large amount of solar power is effectively absorbed, supplying electricity for local agriculture and production; sunset along the Tyrrhenian coast is mirrored, and people can bathe in the soft light both on the beach and in the mountain valley; after dark, a subtle glow decorates the viaducts, outlining their shapes, and so their magnificence no longer dims in the dark. Solar research institutes would find themselves with the ideal vertical testing field. Energy, landscape, tourism and local life all witness joyful changes.


Calabria Goverment


Sala, Calabria, Italy


12 ha


Zhuojian Peng, Yang Wang


Ranking 4th from 300 firms, Ranking 1st honorable mention

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