International Ideas Competition for Urban Regeneration of the Jamsil Sports Complex in Seoul

Jamsil area was once an island with a major tributary of han river. After mass reclamation in 70s, river corridor had disappeared and huge farmland have turned into the land of residential towers along with seoul olympic games in 1988. We propose to bring the water way back in the form of vegetat­ed boulevard which will revitalize jamsil sports complex area with vibrant green streets that interconnect existing sports programs and future uses.
Instead of vacating the street, Jamsil su-ro will be planted in various compositions of trees and vegetation in order to celebrate pedestrian movement and experience under the natural setting with shades and textures. Riverbed-like pattern evokes the ground’s historic character and generates multiple pathways which will provide pleasant walk experiences and rooms/openings in-between groves of tree. Su-ro will be the perfect destination for resting in the middle of urban setting close to retail shops and parking lots. Furthermore, as the Su-ro situated at the lowest grade of the site, whole surface works as a storm water collection basin.


Seoul Metropolitan Government


Seoul, Korea


94.8 ha