Incubator+Nursery at Mapo Oil

Sangam used to be an abandoned mountain of waste. Even though many efforts were taken to convert it to the Landfill eco-park and inhabitable space, the heavy pollution remains a long-lasting issue to this area. The key to this problem relies on the remediation of utilizing of plants and landscape to purify the contaminated soil. However, this process requires a significant number of mature trees with stronger root system to cover the entire area, and the transportation from nursery in the suburban of Seoul to Sangam will dramatically increase the budget. Thus, we proposed the concept integrated the eco-park with the incubator and nursery. In 2030, this site will not only provide a spectacular public realm for the citizens, but also continuously incubate phytoremediation trees to remediate the surrounding polluted area.

Our design can provide plants various environments to meet the requirement at every lifecycle stage. The tree seedlings are vulnerable and sensitive to the environment, which requires special care and handling. In this case the oil tanks in our site are converted to large fully equipped ‘incubators’ providing ideal shelters for them. Once the seedlings grow bigger, they will be moved out to the nursery and become parts of the landscape. Because of this process, our design is able to create an ever-changing landscape. After the trees are fully grown, they will be transplanted to the surroundings like Sangam Eco park to remediate the contaminated landfills. Eventually, the ‘used to be’ mountain of waste will turn to the mountain of trees and lives in a much effective way.


Seoul Government


Seoul, South Korea


29 ha


Mapo Oil Park International Competition Award of Merit