Hongdao Oasis Wetlands

In Qingdao’s rapid urbanization process, urban planning has gradually abandoned the vertical development prototype. Instead of most of the cities chose to extend their periphery. Horizontal surface and spreading infrastructure gradually replaced the dense, compact urban fabric. With the construction of ocean bridge, 3 huge cities would be linked together and finally embrace the Jiaozhou Bay, just like Tokyo metropolitan area, the San Francisco Bay.

However, while the new mega cities addressing structural deficiencies of the old city, it produced a series of new urban demands. These urban demands cannot entirely depend on the typical infrastructure like building and traffic systems.in such a booming time of Qingdao city, how to deal with large-scale wetland park will be a significant chance. The carrier of this chance will also be a large scale urban park like our site. Our site would become a landmark carrying the new city needs. In the future, the urban carrier will help Qingdao become a fantastic city of the Bay Area metropolis during its high-speed development.


Qingdao City Government


Qingdao, China


2000 ha


Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.