Guangzhou Times Huadu Corradini

Corradini locates at Huadu District of Guangzhou, within an airport economic zone, with high-end airport service industry. Adjacent landuse are all residential, this parcel is the only commercial landuse parcel, adjacent facilities are complete with convinient public transportation. the landscape design is inspired from airport district: an origami plane delivers the lifestyle of flying, dreams of flying and education of geography. The basic spatial strucutre of the project is two courtyards conected by the main axis. Using folding lines to seperate different spaces, using folding line to create interesting axis. Variety of functional places were developed, based on unit size, south is more close to youth, north is more close to family. Then sub-devided the space and enrich grading and elements within big framework. Use plants to create rich landscape and places with appropriate programs.


Guangzhou Times


Guangzhou, China


2.9 ha