Enning Road Yongqing Area Renovation

This design for Yongqing Fang is a reaction to modern day rapid urban transformation which pushes out the old residents and replaces them with a new set of inhabitants. In the process, all of the precious heritage, history and charm of that bygone era is lost forever. Instead of that, we redesigned the abandoned alleyways and created a unique space to encourage new and old residents to linger, mingle and interact in a regular thriving community atmosphere with a superior quality of life and somewhere they can be proud of. Features like the inviting and attractive public steps, roof gardens and other open spaces positively encourage the coming together of all age groups and breaks down social barriers in a very natural and easy manner in the once-abandoned neighborhood. After it was built, Yongqing Fang became a cultural landmark again. The entrepreneur, tourist and existing residents live together in harmony, which is proof of the success of this landscape strategy. Also it provides a totally new example for old city regeneration globally. Landscape doubles as a fusion medium for all levels of society.


Guangzhou Vanke


Enning Road,Guangzhou




Wang Zuo,James Chneg

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