VankeJintan Park Avenue

Diffuse Park is a community park that mobilizes people’s perceptions with landform, it is designed with the notion of returning to the space, through shaping of the landform. This brings a multi-sensory experience and even emotional conversation with the people who visit the park. Whether it’s a swirling flowing terrain or a folded playground, it stimulates multiple feelings (tactile, visual, auditory, and olfactory). Whether it is a slightly undulating slope, or a sunken amphitheater where people walk under the bridge, it promotes dialogue between space and body. Please follow us through a topographic journey.

Design Name

VankeJintan Park Avenue

Design Team

HuichengZhong, Liyang Chen, HaoLan, Jiahui Liang, Zhigang Liu, Qimei Ling, Zhihua Chen, Wanlu Ye, Wenxin Deng, Zheyi Yuan, ZhengzhengXiong


Changzhou, China


2.4 HA

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