Fuzhou Canaqianjiuli landscape design

As a cultural landmark of Fuzhou, Yantai Mountain was a colonial district. Chinese and western culture blended in here, flourishing in history. Here is the “museum of national architecture” in Fuzhou, gathering 17 consulates, 33 foreign banks, 8 churches, 3 missionary hospitals, and 11 mission schools. After the founding of the state, it became an abandoned area, and the former U.S. consulate was abandoned as a warehouse. At the beginning of the design, the biggest problem was how to let design fully integrate into the local history and culture. At the same time, how to let the local residents share the site with tourists was also a problem that must be solved. We believe that the revival of Yantai Mountain should use a more natural, innate design method to repair the site and integrate design into the environment.

Design Name

Fuzhou Canaqianjiuli landscape design

Design Team

Zhongwei li , Nan Lin,   Jie Xu,   Jian Zhou,   Yufei Fan,   Jiaqian Zhang,   Xiujuan Li ,  Chao Qin,   Li Li HuiQian Liu


Fuzhou Vanke  Company


Yantai Muntain, Fuzhou


9000 square meters

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