Huicheng Zhong

Managing Partner, Creative Director


Huicheng is ensuring that each project opens up new possibilites for creativity and social responsibility. Prior to found Laboratory Lab D+H, he worked at swagroup where he led and managed numerous projects. Huicheng received his Master of Landscape Architecture with honors from the Cornell University, Ithaca and a M.E in Urban Planning from Beijing Forest University.

YoungJoon Choi

Managing Partner,Creative Director


YoungJoon Choi, a design principal, brings a creative, symbolic and thorough approach to wide range of projects. Prior to found Laboratory Lab D+H, he worked at swagroup and led full scope design of diverse projects. He holds a Master of Landscape Architecture with honors from University of Pennsylvania School of Design, and BLA with honors from Seoul National University.

Zhongwei Li

Managing Partner, Creative Director


Zhongwei brings exceptional attention to creativity and aesthetics of design. Prior to joining Lab D+H, Zhongwei worked for SWA in Los Angeles and Sausalito, where he lead wide range of projects. Before SWA, he worked at JCFO and West 8. Zhongwei holds a MLA from Tianjin University and an Master of Landscape Architecture with honors from University of Pennsylvania.

Miao Lin

Managing Partner, MLA, Creative Director


Miao brings over 10years of diverse design and planning experience to D+H group. He has been led numerous award-winning projects with his team in Guangzhou. His client includes CR Land, Vanke, Poly, Diangao, InterContinental hotels, Yagao Group.

Bingxing Lin

Partner, Operation Director

Senior Desinger and Engineer

Bingxing keeps studio running professionally with high performance everyday as a Operations Director. At the meantime, he brings passion and experience to realization of projects as captain of DD team. Bingxing is an senior designer with great experience with Senior Engineer Certificate in landscape architecture.

Nan Lin

Partner, Design Director


Nan Lin, design manager of D+H, embrace a persistent pursue toward design. He thinks a preeminent landscape based on reasonable analysis and successfully penetrates from conceptual design to all the constructive stages with an intelligent method. He holds a Master of Urban Planning from Nanjing Forestry University and has variety of constructive experience. Before being a member of Lab D+H, Nan Lin served as the project leader of Landscape Design Institute of Tongji University.

Zhang Jie


MLA from Beijing Forestry University

Zhang Jie as the CEO of Lab D+H, is responsible for the operations of the firm. Prior joining the team, she worked in government departments and large state-owned enterprises. She has more than ten years of experience in landscape planning, design and construction management, which makes her good at capturing all kinds of information, with keen insight and leadership execution. She is good at integrating resources efficiently and improving operational efficiency.

Liyang Chen

Associate Partner, Project Director

MLA from University of Washington

Liyang has great aesthetic pursuit on detail and scale in design. He is good at using observation, comparison and experiment to find appropriate design language for the site. Prior to joining Lab D+H, Liyang worked at Coen+Partners and Halvorson Design where he was involved in many high-end residential landscape and public projects.

Wenche Jiang

Associate Partner, Project Director

MLA from Chinese Academy of Forestry Sciences

Wenzhe thinks every place of a unique landscape originating from a subtle observation of the venue users’ behavior and the application of this observation to the combination of material, plants and space. Before being a member of Lab D+H, he served as the chief designer at Landscape Design Institute of Tongji University and at Jijing.

Feimin Song

Associate Partner, Project Director

Borned with nature, Feimin built up unique sense and expression to integration of nature and design. She believe landscape that respecting nature and culture create better living environment and social meaning. Feimin is responsible for project managing, schematic design and DD support.


Associate Partner, Project Director

Master of Landscape Architecture from University of Sheffield

Dee believe consistency of lifestyle and design quality. She is responsible for project managing, schematic design and DD support. Before Lab D+H, Dee worked in R&F real estate as a landscape designer.

Jian Zhou

Associate Partner, Development Design Director

Landscape Architecture at Shanghai Jiaotong University

Jian Zhou is a graduate of Department of Landscape Architecture at Shanghai Jiaotong University, has constructive experience of 13 years. As development design director of D+H, he connects designers and owners. With a strong point at figuring out details, he nearly perfectly explains every landscape plan on the basis of humanization and enablement. Before being a member of Lab D+H, he served as the general leader of working drawing at the Department of Landscape Design of Tongji University.

Zhigang Liu

Development Design Director

Zhigang has been engaged in the landscape industry for more than ten years. Before joining Lab D+H, he participated in or led many landscape projects in Aoya, Metrostudio and China Resources Real Estate. He believes that design is romantic and rigorous, and hopes to find the best strategy in the project to solve the project's aesthetic, technical and economic issues, therefor to better serve our good life.

Bowon Shim

Project Director


Prior to joining Lab D+H, Bowon worked at AHBE Landscape Architecture in Los Angles where he was involved in various private and public projects in California.

Hao Tai

Senior Designer


Hao Tai believes critical thinking is an essential part of design process. Good design comes out after rounds of testing. He is responsible for project managing, coordination and communication from conceptual design through construction.

Shuangshuang Gu

Landscape Development Designer

Shuangshuang believes that the details of each project are crucial and care about the feelings of the site. The cognition of design stems from curiosity and enthusiasm, motivating her to discover everything that surrounds the landscape. Years of construction drawings and initial experience have enabled her to find a balance between rationality and sensibility between the program and the beginning of the expansion, and rationally promote each project.

Qimei Ling

Landscape Development Designer

QiMei ,as a landscape development designer,act as a bridge between schematic design and construction design,adhere to the understanding of the plan,deepen with professional knowledge,enhance the implementation of the schematic design,and cooperate with the design of construction design.

Zihua Chen

Chang'an University, majoring in landscape architecture

Zhihua owns a skill set encompassing all phases of landscape architecture design. And he is committed to putting forward the best landing strategy. He reads the existing and potential logic between the site and users, and translates it into constructional design that respects and integrates the urban context, while encouraging the new identity and sustainable performance of the place. Zhihua graduated from Chang'an University, majoring in landscape architecture. Prior to joining Lab D+H, he worked at LWK & Partners and HUAYI Design .

Wanly Ye


What really attracts Wanlu to landscape architecture is the use of natural materials in urban environment. She is also experienced in architecture and planning design . Wanlu holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from Louisiana State University and a Bachelor Degree from South China University of Technology.

Shiqi Huang

Senior Designer


Shiqi focuses on creating livable landscape for not only human but also other living creatures. Before Lab D+H, she worked in DLC as a landscape architect, where she was involved in diverse commercial projects. Shiqi holds Master of Landscape Architecture from University of Southern California.

Hao Lan

Hao Lan engages himself in contemporary landscape practice with a young angle. He work with other designers in various project, with considerable capability of graphic expression. 

Shaozhong Yuan

Northwest Forestry and Forestry University in landscape design

Shaozhong is passionate with design, he believe "simplicity is design while complexity is life" and design brings more possibility to life. Shaozhong graduated from the Northwest Forestry and Forestry University in landscape design.

Yingyi Lei


As a Landscape designer, Yingyi is always excited to take new challenges. She believes in landscape's power which helps to address the issue shared by this generation and can lead to a better life for the future generation. Prior to joining Laboratory Lab D+H, she worked at Design Workshop, Austin office, USA. Yingyi received her Master degree of Landscape Architecture from the University of Texas at Austin and a bachelor degree in Forestry from Beijing Forest University.

Byeonggil Choi

Cheongju University

Byeonggil is a graduate from Cheongju University, Korea. He strives to find the potential of the site. He has the belief that creative design makes our lives more lively and enriching. Before being a member of Lab D+H, He served as the landscape designer at URI environment Design Firm.

Yiliang Zhang


As a landscape designer interested in design development, Yiliang believes landscape architecture is a harmony of art and logic. With her technical mindset, she brings elements together in elegant solutions. Prior to joining Lab D+H, Yiliang gained professional experiences from internships in Dreiseitl and Aecom. She received her MLA from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2017.

Xiujuan Li

Graduate of landscape architecture at Nanjing Forestry University

Xiujuan Li is a graduate of landscape architecture at Nanjing Forestry University. She is good at plan design and teamwork. She has craftsmanship and the elaborate pursuit which nearly cannot be found in the contemporaries.

Jiaqian Zhang

Landscape architecture at Nanjing Forestry University

Jiaqian Zhang is a graduate of landscape architecture at Nanjing Forestry University. She has a unique view of the space, details and material changes of venues. She thinks the beauty of landscape design comes from accurate details and proper space.

Xiaowen Pan

Landscape architecture at East China University of Science and Technology

Xiaowen Pan is a graduate of landscape architecture at East China University of Science and Technology. She masters a unique knowledge of design concept and strategic planning of urban design. She supports the team a lot in the respect of concepts and methods through providing unique angle of view.

Jiajun Wang

Senior Designer

Landscape architecture at Xi 'an Jiaotong University

Jiajun is good at interdisciplinary researching and constructing with years of experience in full process landscape design. He is always committed to bring unique memory and experience for projects. He believes the openness of form and the inclusive of function is the life source of each site. Before being a member of Lab D+H, Jiajun served as a Chief Designer at several famous  landscape design studio.

Zhu Nan

Landscape Designer


Zhu Nan believes that the design comes from the origin of the site. By interpreting the suitability, controlling the stability and paying attention to the sustainability of the landscape, she stimulates the unique temperament of the space. Therefore, she focuses on the design inspiration and details and plays a positive role in supporting and giving feedback to the project.

Jingyu Wu

Landscape Designer

Landscape Architecture at East China University of Science and Technology.

Jingyu pays attention to the combination of science and art, he firmly believes that design thinking and feeling are equally important, and the enthusiasm of life is always the only driving force for landscape architects to move on. He is mainly responsible for the design and management of the project, and collaborates with the main designer to work.

Xuhui Xu

Landscape Designer


Xuhui graduated from Nanjing Forestry University with a master's degree in landscape architecture. His understanding of landscape design is based on the most use and appreciation of the location. He firmly believes that his work is to achieve the most reasonable balance between the two elements. On this basis,designers could establish a story-like landscape that is consistent with the context and attract people directly.

Yaping Xiong

Business Representative

As a business representative,Yaping engaged in the design firm for nearly 10 years.Encouraged by Lab D+H culture,she constantly improve the professional height for the operation of the lab and devoted a high degree of enthusiasm. Yaping firmly believes that good business order and integrity is a key part of the design firm.

Perhaps the most basic yet most pivotal philosophical tenet that guides our studio is the belief that through responsible landscape architectural design we can improve people’s lives. Our approach is human, place, and nature-oriented, with design as the link between these cultural and ecological relationships. Through rigorous inquiry, collaboration, and design experimentation, we aim to create spaces that allow for ecological improvement, education, reflection and recreation. Ultimately, our goal is to better the lives of those we touch through our work.